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Free 80days's algorithms design trips based on actual visits, the best time to travel and prices from 100+ official partners, without hidden faraway airports and any connecting flights.
Introducing 80days Apps
Designed for a changing world of travel
Be inspired! Plan in a few minutes, and book the whole multi-destination trip with flights, trains,
and ships — we're here to make it super simple and fun.


Our multi-destination trips make it easy to visit more than one place in a single trip.
We are here 24/7
24/7 dedicated travel Support
before and during your trip.
Based on actual visits
Our unique algorithm optimizes trips by actual visits, cost, time, energy, weather and weight of inspiration.
Multi-modal transport
Travel by any type of transport. Combine flights, trains, ferries in one booking.
Trips made with care
Direct flights only. No faraway airports, no early morning, and late flights.
All Tickets in One Booking
You will receive All tickets in one to email in a few minutes. You don't need to book all separately.
Automatic Check-in Service
Automatic Check-in Service is free of charge. You will get mobile/print boarding passes 1-2 days before each departure.
Baggage for the whole trip
You will not overpay at the airport because of the ignorance of baggage allowance of airlines.
Protection from changes/cancellations
In this case we will offer you an alternative flight at our expense.

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