80days.me: How it Works

Effective Date: November 2nd, 2023
Choose cities and travel dates
Select your starting city, the cities you definitely want to visit, and any cities you'd like to exclude.
Get a trip in 5 seconds
and customize it on the map
Our AI will generate your trip itinerary in just 5 seconds. You can then customize your trip directly on the map by changing cities, choosing schedules, saving trips for later, and more.
Book the trip in one click
Click the "Continue" button to book your trip. Don't worry, you won't be charged yet.
Add passengers and baggage options before making a payment
On the payment page, you can add up to 4 passengers and choose baggage options for the entire trip.
Pay for the trip
For your safety, choose from one of our secure payment options to complete your purchase.
Get all tickets in one email
Receive all your tickets in a single email within minutes. Double-check your reservations for peace of mind.
Get boarding passes before each departure
We'll send your boarding passes to the email address you provided when booking, approximately 1-2 days before each departure. Save the mobile boarding pass to your wallet or download the image to your gallery.