How to book multi-city trips in 2023

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Traveling to more than one or two destinations on your next trip? Book a multi-city or multi-destination trip as the best and easiest way to get more from one journey. If you're planning an epic trip with many stops — perhaps around Europe or just around France — a multi-city trip is less time-consuming than booking lots of one-way tickets between destinations and can be cheaper, too.

What is a multi-city travel?

Multi-city travel is when a person visits multiple cities during a single trip. This type of travel can involve taking multiple flights, trains, or buses to get to each destination, or it can involve renting a car and driving between cities.

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    This service was excellent, from selecting destinations, selecting flight plans, and having immediate communication with customer service. I will definitely use again and highly recommend the use of this service.
  • Oleksandra, Ukraine
    We had a long trip with eightydays and didn’t have any problems! All check-ins were made, we got very good places on planes, we were warned about all specific situations regarding flights to and from Tel Aviv. It was a cool experience, one of the best trips ever!
  • VAHAGN HOKHIKYAN, United States
    Excellent Value and Great Service!
    When we first found the, we were a little suspicious as the prices seemed too good to be true. Our entire Brussels->Amsterdam->Paris->Berlin->Brussels trip quote was a little shy of $200 per person. This was a bit strange to us as airline tickets from Los Angeles to San Francisco cost about as much. We asked a friend ...
  • NICOLINA NANNI, United States
    Eightydays has changed the travel game
    Eightydays deserves an easy 5 stars. My boyfriend and I booked a 2 week trip to Stockholm, Berlin, Rome, and Barcelona a month and a half from our departure. The actual booking process was shockingly simple and they provided populated links to Airbnb searches for the cities and date ranges ..
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    Excellent Service
    The Service was good and we didn't have any issues in the bookings or travel. The team was responsive as I had to add a check-in luggage in between and was smooth.. Recommend for others..
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    Europe trip with my buddy
    Me and my buddy did a trip with eightydays and the trip went very smooth. They checked into flights for us. It felt that we were with a tour company. We wanted to make some changed and they did it without hesitation. We got immediate customer service and had our times changed within 30min of passively Facebook messaging. Would definitely recommend them!
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    Great customer service
    I want to say thank you for all the help I received during my trip. To be honest, considering the price I paid I was not expecting the level customer service your team has provided throughout my trip. From checking in on me to helping me rebook flights you guys have been amazing. And the social media shoutouts have been so fun, thank you for that! Your level of care ...
    Best travel service ever
    Best travel service ever. It's possible to combine cheap flights to great destinations, but it takes time to research all the options, especially when multiple destinations. So with only two hours of picking different routes and dates, I put together a mini-Eurotrip under 200€ going through 6 cities. If you don't like flying too often, which I think I now don't, it would be better to stay in fever destinations for a longer time.
  • DANIELLE MARIE, United States
    Amazing Travel Service With Dedicated Staff
    My experience with Eightydays was nothing short of amazing. I booked an eight location itinerary with them nine days before leaving for my trip. If you book farther in advance you can find some seriously amazing deals, but as I was booking somewhat last minute I was a bit more restricted with keeping costs down. So why did I use this service if not to get the lowest prices possible? Because it took some of the guesswork out of my last minute trip ...