80days.me: Terms of use

Effective Date: May 2nd, 2023

Guidelines for Using Our Services

Welcome to Eightydays, Inc., where we provide unique and optimized travel itineraries using advanced AI technology. Our 80days.me AI algorithms calculate costs based on promo rates of carriers and cost-effective rates of low-cost carriers, ensuring the best possible trip options for you.

Please review the following important terms of use for our services:

  1. Luggage: Airline ticket costs typically include a small bag only. Additional luggage can be added during the booking process or upon request.

  2. Refunds: Ticket refunds are generally not possible, except in cases of canceled flights. In these instances, our loyalty program will change your flight to another suitable option at our expense.

  3. Onboard Catering: Meals onboard may be charged. To add meals to your trip, send us an email and we will coordinate with the airline for the cost and confirmation.

  4. Boarding Passes: Make sure to print out your boarding passes, as airport check-in procedures can be expensive (up to 55 euros per passenger).

  5. Seating: Random seating allocation is standard. If you prefer specific seating arrangements, this service is available for an additional fee. Contact us to process your request.

Eightydays will provide a free online check-in service (approximately 1-2 days before the flight) and send your boarding passes via email. If online check-in is not available, you will be notified to check-in at the airport desk in advance.

Advanced Passenger Information (API): For some airlines, visa information is required for online check-in. You will receive an email requesting necessary details, such as visa number, issuing country, and validity. Ensure that the provided information is accurate and matches your identification documents.

Baggage: You can select baggage options during the payment process. Please note that flights with low-cost carriers typically allow only one small cabin bag or handbag. If you need to add extra baggage after booking your trip with us, simply contact us at order@eightydays.me, and we will send you an invoice to pay for the additional luggage.

Schedule Changes/Cancellations: In cases of cancellations or schedule changes affecting your entire itinerary (more than 3 hours from the original departure time), Eightydays will protect you by offering alternative flights at our expense. This includes flight/train/ferry delays, cancellations, or schedule changes.

Refunds: As our fares are based on non-flexible rates, payments for flights/trains/ferries are non-refundable. Exceptions may include the death or serious illness of a booked passenger, with suitable documentary evidence provided in advance of the travel date. To apply for a refund, contact us at order@eightydays.me, and we will guide you through the process.

Price: The total price shown on 80days.me represents the cost of all transportation for the itinerary. This includes flights, trains, buses, ferries, and other modes of transportation featured in your travel plan.
Please note that the total price does not include accommodations or meals.

Contact Information: If you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms and conditions or our services, please contact us at order@eightydays.me.