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Planning and booking your next Eurotrip has never been more effortless, thanks to 80days.me. Our AI-powered algorithms craft itineraries that are perfect for your preferences and budget, taking into account everything from local gems to world wonders.

    Eurotrips Made Easy
    80days.me - AI, Algorithms, Expertise, Real Experience

    Dive into the magic of Europe with 80days.me. Our platform combines cutting-edge AI, advanced algorithms, and insights from travel experts with actual site visits to ensure your multi-city Eurotrip is truly unforgettable. We make planning simple, personalized, and stress-free. Embark on your next adventure with 80days.me.
      • 24/7 Dedicated Travel Support
        We're here for you before and during your trip, providing round-the-clock assistance.
      • AI-Optimized Itineraries
        Our AI crafts trips based on actual visits, considering cost, time, energy, weather, and inspiration.
      • Multi-Modal Transport
        Seamlessly combine flights, trains, and ferries in a single booking.
      • Carefully Curated Trips
        Direct flights only. Only direct flights, no inconvenient airports or early/late departures.
      • All Tickets in One Booking
        Receive all your tickets in one email, saving time and hassle.
      • Automatic Check-in Service
        Enjoy our free service, providing mobile/print boarding passes 1-2 days before departure.
      • Smart Baggage Management
        Stay informed about airline baggage allowances and avoid unexpected fees.
      • Protection from Changes/Cancellations
        We'll offer alternative flights at our expense, ensuring a smooth journey.
      • 24/7 Dedicated Support
        We're here for you, providing assistance before and during your trip.
      • AI-Optimized Itineraries
        Crafted based on actual visits, cost, time, energy, and inspiration.
      • Seamless Multi-Modal Transport
        Combine flights, trains, and ferries in one booking.
      • All-in-One Booking & Automatic Check-in
        Receive all tickets in one email and enjoy our free check-in service.

      AI-Powered Trip Planning Solutions.
      Discover Europe from New York, NY

      Uncover the best Eurotrip itineraries departing from the United States and let us guide you on an unforgettable adventure. Experience the magic of Europe with our AI-powered travel planning.

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        Enjoy a stress-free journey with our trusted travel partners. We offer over 1,000 options for flights, trains, buses, ferries, and airport transfers so that you can travel with ease. Our goal is to provide the highest quality travel services, so you can focus on your journey and make unforgettable memories.

        Embark on a Multi-Destination European Adventure
        from Los Angeles, CA with 80days.me

        Discover our hand-crafted Eurotrip itineraries departing from Los Angeles, CA. Our AI-powered travel planning ensures you have the best experience, with seamless multi-modal transport and carefully curated travel plans. Let us guide you on a journey of a lifetime.

          Experience the Magic of Europe
          with Iconic Railway Multi-Day Trips

          Explore Europe like never before with these iconic railway multi-day trips. From luxury to scenic journeys, there is something for every traveler to enjoy. Let us help you plan your next unforgettable adventure.

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            Multi-Destination Trips from Toronto

            Embark on a journey of a lifetime with our multi-destination trips from Toronto. Explore the best of Europe with our AI-powered travel planning, seamless multi-modal transport, and 24/7 dedicated travel support. Let us guide you on an unforgettable adventure.
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              Transform your travel planning with the AI-powered 80days.me app. Download from the App Store and quickly craft unforgettable multi-destination adventures, complete with flights, trains, and ships.

              The Best of France.

              The rail routes embrace the top 100 must-see French cities. Our algorithms help you find a suitable time, place, and trip's duration.

                Best of Swiss Tours.

                Switzerland's panoramic routes never fail to fascinate visitors. And the best way to discover the delights of this small Alpine nation is to take the Rail Tour of Switzerland.

                  The Best of Italy.

                  Italy's high-speed railway is called the Italian Metro. And the best way to explore this incredible country is to travel by train, alternating with planes and ships.